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Cry Me a River Song
Jess. 24. Milwaukee.

On Tumblr, I'm a Whovian with a rapidly growing TV addiction sprinkled with bouts of feminism, social justice issues, and kitties.

Off Tumblr, I'm a writer and graduate student with a lust to move back to Scotland and own more corgis than the Queen.

Come say hi! :)

30 Days of Doctor Who - Day 20

Prettiest Scene: Different shots from “The Eleventh Hour”

One of the first things I noticed about Season 5 was the beauty behind the cinematography and composition of each frame. The previous seasons always had this kind of awkward shininess to them, so it was very noticeable to me when the colors became richer in the new season. You really see this through the deep green around Amy’s house (I think my favorite one is when the Doctor finds the newly regenerated TARDIS because that brilliant blue really jumps out at you). I think this also adds to that fairy tale motif in Season 5, where everything seems whimsical and beautifully put together.

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